Diamond Studs - Black & Gold

Tania Clarke Hall Diamond Studs - Black & Gold by Tania Clarke Hall

Despatched within 10 working days NB: These earrings are non-returnable.
  • x £30.00


Main Material : leather | Other Materials : edge dye and sterling silver | Fitting Type : Post or Stud | Dimensions (mm) : 9 x 5 x 7 | One of a Kind : No | Metal : sterling silver | Hallmarked : No | Wire Material : sterling silver


Small but sculptural studs with a bright gold coloured finish.

These striking studs are very light and comfortable to wear and stand neatly proud of the ear. 

Due their light weight, the studs can be worn lined up to match each other or turned round to face different directions!

When your jewellery is not being worn, please keep it in its box. Please avoid getting your jewellery wet or spraying cosmetic products directly onto.

The leather will withstand getting damp, but not soaked.  To dry your leather jewellery, please do NOT use a hairdryer or leave it on a radiator.  If your piece gets misshapen due to water, reform the piece and allow it to dry naturally. 

The oxidised silver used in the claps has been treated with a chemical solution to give a dark grey/black finish. This does wear away over time but is part of the character of your piece.  

To clean the leather, use a cotton wool bud with a tiny amount of neutral shoe polish.  Should the edge dye become dirty, then please LIGHTLY wipe with a cotton wool bud dampened with water.

To clean silver posts on earrings, please use a silver cleaning cloth.  Do NOT put your piece in silver dip.

hide cleaning instructions.

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