Dahlia Pendant

Diana Greenwood Dahlia Pendant by Diana Greenwood

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Main Material : sterling silver | Other Materials : 18ct gold | One of a Kind : No | Metal : 18ct gold and silver | Hallmarked : No | Finish : satin


Large hand pierced silver dahlia pendant with an 18ct gold hand-forged gold centre. Inspired by my favourite Dahlia, the deep red 'Bishop of Llandaff'.

With a satin finish on the petals, which gives a lovely contrast between the silver and the 18ct yellow gold.

Designed and handmade by Diana Greenwood.

To clean, use either foaming silver polish with the sponge that is provided (or an old toothbrush) or silver dip. (Goddard’s make both, which is widely available.)

Then wash in soapy water to remove the polish, rinse thoroughly in clean water, dry with kitchen towel to avoid watermarks and leave to dry out completely somewhere warm.

hide cleaning instructions.

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