• Jo Lavelle

    Kinetic, voluminous & tactile silver jewellery click for more

  • Emily Higham

    Jewellery in muted enamel tones inspired by honeycombs & beehives click for more

  • John & Dawn Field

    A collection of asymmetrical jewellery in contrasting metals & rich coloured gemstones click for more

  • Caroline Finlay

    Contemporary silver and vitreous enamel jewellery, inspired by the shoreline click for more

  • Katie Clarke

    A range of very wearable jewellery made from sterling silver & feathers click for more

  • Katherine Richmond

    Beautiful handmade brooches, necklaces, earrings & cufflinks made from vintage books click for more

  • Fiona DeMarco

    Clusters of hand-forged 18ct gold and silver wire with semi-precious stones for a hint of colour click for more

  • Emily Kidson

    Colourful laminate & walnut jewellery with a minimalist aesthetic click for more

  • Dagmar Korecki

    Elegant gold and silver jewellery with delicate floral designs click for more

  • Sarah Packington

    Handmade acrylic contemporary jewellery in simple graphic patterns and shapes in bold stunning colours click for more

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We at lovedazzle aim to continue to showcase new, exciting jewellery. Our designers are constantly adding new work to their collections. We also regularly have jewellers new to lovedazzle joining us, giving you even more fabulous contemporary jewellery to chose from. Here is just a small selection of what's new to lovedazzle.