Gyra Pendant Snake Necklace

Latham & Neve Gyra Pendant Snake Necklace by Latham & Neve

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Main Material : Silver | One of a Kind : No | Hallmarked : Yes | Length (inches) : 18


A hand-made pendant of soft silvery textures loops and spins in off-centre swirls.


We suggest silver dip or a silver cloth for cleaning our work. Use a cotton bud in silver dip for recesses & an old soft toothbrush for matt & rough textured areas. A small     abrasive pad (Scotchbrite) can also be used on dry surfaces for a matt  finish.

Alternatively try the  following method.
Line a glass vessel with aluminium foil, add 1tsp of bicarb of soda and1tsp of salt,add 1/2 ltr of boiling water. Place jewellery in solution for 30 mins making sure that the silver is in contact with the foil. Remove, rinse and dry.

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