Rocking the Boat, brooch

Rocking the Boat, brooch by Nick Hubbard

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Main Material : oxidised silver | Other Materials : blue glass paint and gold 9ct | Pin Type : pin | Dimensions (mm) : 35 x 38 x 10 | One of a Kind : No | Metal : silver and yellow gold 9ct | Hallmarked : Yes


Move the little arm at the side of the brooch up and down, to make the boat rock from side to side.

If your jewellery becomes tarnished - use a soft, old toothbrush (definitely NO toothpaste!!!) dip in warm soapy water and brush gently.  Rinse in cold water and dry carefully (you could use a hairdryer on a low heat setting).  If your jewellery has enamel paint on it, use a cloth impregnated with silver dip to clean it.

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