• Kokkino

    Elegant, colourful jewellery made from vitreous enamel, silver & soft blushes of gold plate click for more

  • Katherine Richmond

    Beautiful handmade brooches, necklaces, earrings & cufflinks made from vintage books click for more

  • Lindsey Mann

    Colourful, playful jewellery using anodised aluminium click for more

  • Sarah Packington

    Handmade acrylic contemporary jewellery in simple graphic patterns & shapes in bold stunning colours click for more

  • Carla Edwards

    Striking, colourful & unique handmade jewellery made from resin click for more

  • Gail Klevan

    Iridescent, vibrant, hand-painted acrylic jewellery click for more

  • Karen McMillan

    Bold, colourful, playful and quirky contemporary jewellery handmade from resin. click for more

  • Ella Fearon-Low

    Sophisticated & playful contemporary jewellery that references historical forms using Lucite, vintage beads & pearls click for more

  • Jelka Quintelier

    Captivating statement jewellery created from laser cut rubber & neoprene click for more

  • Emily Kidson

    Colourful laminate & walnut jewellery with a minimalist aesthetic click for more

  • Lindsey Mann

    Colourful, playful jewellery using anodised aluminium click for more

  • Gilly Langton

    Statement pieces using silver & hand-dyed elastic click for more

  • Heather McDermott

    A colourful collection inspired by the Scottish shoreline click for more

  • Jane Moore

    Stunning enamel & silver handmade jewellery in bold contrasting colours and striking designs click for more

  • Rosina Beech

    Bold, colourful jewellery made from anodised aluminium click for more

  • Jo Lavelle

    Kinetic, voluminous & tactile silver jewellery click for more

  • Annabet Wyndham

    Textured pieces using silver, vitreous enamel & aero-ply wood click for more

  • Lynne MacLachlan

    Bold, stylish and colourful 3D printed jewellery click for more

Colourful and Couture Necklaces

love colourful and couture necklaces

Want to make a statement with a beautiful colourful and couture necklace or brighten up an outfit with a splash of colour? Choose from over a hundred colourful contemporary necklaces designed and handmade by some of the very best jewellery designers. We have lots of beautiful necklaces made from a variety of materials in a multitude of colours to suit any outfit.

The contemporary blue necklace in the above image is designed and handmade by Alena Asenbryl.


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