• Tania Clarke-Hall

    Bold, dramatic & colourful jewellery made from leather click for more

  • Gilly Langton

    Statement pieces using silver & hand-dyed elastic click for more

  • Lynne MacLachlan

    Bold & contemporary 3D Printed jewellery click for more

  • Sarah Packington

    Handmade acrylic contemporary jewellery in simple graphic patterns & shapes in bold stunning colours click for more

  • Gill Forsbrook

    Colouful contemporary jewellery made from plastics, metals & stones click for more

  • Sue Gregor

    Original, colourful, floral jewellery made using 100% recycled acrylic click for more

  • Gail Klevan

    Iridescent, vibrant, hand-painted acrylic jewellery click for more

  • Kaz Robertson

    Colourful, playful jewellery handmade from resin with striking spots & stripe designs click for more

Colourful and Couture Bangles

love colourful and couture bangles

Add a splash of colour to your wrist with a beautiful, colourful and couture bangle or cuff. Choose from a selection of contemporary bangles and cuffs in a variety of colours and designs. All our bangles and cuffs have been hand selected and handmade by the very best jewellery designers.


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