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Colourful and playful jewellery handmade from resin with striking spots and stripe designs.

Kaz Robertson

Kaz set up her workshop in 2002 and works from her studio in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Colour is an essential element in her jewellery. Working with resin Kaz creates her own colour palette by mixing pigments. Creating bold, clashing palettes, or a softer, sophisticated palette. Layering translucent resin over opaque helps achieve a richer finish and a wider colour range. By patterning either one or both layers she can produce diverse effects.

Kaz wants the wearer to enjoy wearing her jewellery and appreciate the little extra details she incorporates. Some pieces are reversible for an added surprise, others have magnets set within which allows bangles to stick together in sets, or ring tops to be swapped. Mis-matching is another strong element of her jewellery, adding to the unique feel of her pieces.

Jewellery designer Kaz Robertson

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