• Holly Clifford

    Botanical inspired bold & colourful jewellery using bio resin & silver click for more

  • Emily Kidson

    Colourful laminate & walnut jewellery with a minimalist aesthetic click for more

  • Karolina Baines

    Vibrant enamel pieces inspired by weaving & basketry click for more

  • Lynne MacLachlan

    Statement jewellery made from 3D printed nylon click for more

  • Emily Higham

    Jewellery in muted enamel tones inspired by honeycombs & beehives click for more

  • Jenny Llewellyn

    Bold, colourful jewellery made from silicone & precious metals click for more

  • Sue Gregor

    Original, colourful, floral jewellery made using 100% recycled acrylic click for more

  • Heather McDermott

    A colourful collection inspired by the Scottish shoreline click for more

  • Evgeniia Balashova

    Visually captivating, tactile jewellery made from 3D printed nylon click for more

  • Fiona Maguire

    Press formed silver shapes enamelled & fused with gold foil click for more

  • Claire Allain

    Colourful layered enamel pieces embellished with 24ct gold foil accents click for more

  • Caroline Finlay

    Contemporary silver and vitreous enamel jewellery, inspired by the shoreline click for more

  • Emma Ware

    Statement pieces made from repurposed bicycle inner tubes & recycled silver click for more

Colourful and Couture Earrings

Colourful earrings

Looking for a pair of earrings that you won’t find on your high street? lovedazzle has lots of beautiful colourful and couture earrings to suit any outfit and budget. We have hundreds of earrings in all the colours of the rainbow, made from a wonderful variety of materials. From enamel earrings, anodised aluminium earrings, 3D printed earrings, acrylic earrings, glass earrings to silicone earrings, there is plenty to choose from!


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