• Clara Breen

    Contemporary designs using silver, gold & paper click for more

  • Yen

    Tactile jewellery that embodies comfort & style. Handmade from silver, gold & precious gemstones click for more

  • Dagmar Korecki

    Elegant gold and silver jewellery with delicate floral designs click for more

  • Kate Smith

    Unique silver & gold jewellery using diamonds & gemstones for added sparkle click for more

  • Paul Finch

    Sculptural jewellery in silver & 18ct gold, combined with diamonds & gemstones in unusual settings click for more

  • Marianne Anderson

    Luxurious and wearable collections with decorative details handmade from oxidised silver, 18ct gold, garnets & pearls click for more

  • Gerlinde Huth

    A striking range of silver jewellery with a variety of textures & finishes click for more

  • Hannah Bedford

    Handcrafted jewellery made from silver & gold using the ancient art of granulation click for more

  • Jo Lavelle

    Kinetic, voluminous & tactile silver jewellery click for more

  • Katie Clarke

    Bold, colourful designers using precious metals & feathers click for more

  • DeeLyn Walsh

    Bold & tactile wearable structures using silver & brass click for more


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