• Emily Higham

    Jewellery in muted enamel tones inspired by honeycombs & beehives click for more

  • Diana Greenwood

    Graphic flowers translated into silver & gold click for more

  • Donna Barry

    Fused, formed and textured precious metals, inspired by repetition in nature and architectural shapes and patterns click for more

  • Caroline Finlay

    Contemporary silver and vitreous enamel jewellery, inspired by the shoreline click for more

  • Hannah Louise Lamb

    Beautiful & intricate hand-pierced silver jewellery. Best know for her personalised coastline rings. click for more

  • Nicola Becci

    Decorative jewellery using silver, gold & brass click for more

  • Jenny Llewellyn

    Bold, colourful jewellery made from silicone & precious metals click for more

  • Lynne MacLachlan

    Statement jewellery made from 3D printed nylon click for more

  • Heather McDermott

    A colourful collection inspired by the Scottish shoreline click for more

  • Elsiem

    Modern architectural & sculptural jewellery, adopting a very simple & bold style click for more

  • Helen Rankin

    Modern, geometric designs handmade from silver & gold vermeil click for more

  • John & Dawn Field

    A collection of asymmetrical jewellery in contrasting metals & rich coloured gemstones click for more

  • Jane Moore

    Stunning enamel & silver handmade jewellery in bold contrasting colours and striking designs click for more

  • Kate Wood

    Feminine, ethereal jewellery using fine beading & chain work techniques click for more

  • Antonella Giomarelli

    Silver jewellery inspired by the natural world click for more

  • DeeLyn Walsh

    Bold & tactile wearable structures using silver & brass click for more

  • Sheila McDonald

    Beautiful handmade enamel & silver jewellery with fine gold wire, gold & silver leaf, pearls & semi-precious stone click for more

  • Marianne Anderson

    Luxurious & wearable collections with decorative details handmade from oxidised silver, 18ct gold, garnets & pearls. click for more

  • Sue Gregor

    Original, colourful, floral jewellery made using 100% recycled acrylic click for more

  • Sarah Packington

    Handmade acrylic contemporary jewellery in simple graphic patterns & shapes in bold stunning colours click for more


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Looking for the perfect pair of earrings? lovedazzle has hundreds of stylish, glamorous and beautifully handmade contemporary earrings.

If you don't have pierced ears and would like to enquire if a particular pair of earrings can be converted to clip-ons, please email us at sales@lovedazzle.com

Please note that for reasons of hygiene, earrings for pierced ears are non returnable.


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