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necklaces, earrings, cufflinks and brooches. Unique jewellery made from silver and semi-precious stones.

John & Dawn Field

John & Dawn Field, based in Yorkshire, have been successfully exhibiting and selling their jewellery in prestigious craft centres and art galleries nationwide for over 20 years. They have developed a number of ranges of jewellery, working both together and individually.

With a shared passion for making things and being creative, the recurring themes in their jewellery are asymmetry, contrasting metals and richly coloured gemstones. In their Asymmetrical range, stencils, designed by both John & Dawn, are rolled into silver then rather than making matching partners, one earring will have a vividly coloured stone and the other will have some brass decoration. Natural colours and materials feature prominently and the pieces can incorporate materials as diverse as exotic hardwoods, bone, fish leather, shagreen and precious metals, together with precious and semi-precious stones.

Jewellery designer John & Dawn Field

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