• Diana Greenwood

    Graphic flowers translated into silver & gold click for more

  • Kate Smith

    Unique silver & gold jewellery using diamonds & gemstones for added sparkle click for more

  • Hannah Louise Lamb

    Beautiful & intricate hand-pierced silver jewellery. Best know for her personalised coastline rings. click for more

  • Sallyanne Lowe

    Timeless jewellery made from silver, gold & platinum, featuring diamonds & semi-precious gemstones click for more

  • Gail Klevan

    Iridescent, vibrant, hand-painted acrylic jewellery click for more

  • Annabet Wyndham

    Colourful jewellery using silver, enamel & wood click for more

  • Sarah Packington

    Handmade acrylic contemporary jewellery in simple graphic patterns and shapes in bold stunning colours click for more


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Looking for an ideal gift for that special man or a treat for yourself? Buy handmade, designer cufflinks for every special occasion or for everyday wear. Whether you want wedding cufflinks or some classical or quirky cufflinks for the office, lovedazzle has lots to choose from.


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