• Emmeline Hastings

    Hand carved acrylic jewellery with precious metal elements to create striking, bold & contemporary wearable sculptures click for more

  • Tania Clarke Hall

    Bold, dramatic & colourful jewellery made from leather click for more

  • Gail Klevan

    Iridescent, vibrant, hand-painted acrylic jewellery click for more

  • Iona McCuaig

    Narrative jewellery inspired by letters, diaries & books click for more

  • Marianne Anderson

    Luxurious & wearable collections with decorative details handmade from oxidised silver, 18ct gold, garnets & pearls. click for more

  • Kate Smith

    Unique silver & gold jewellery using diamonds & gemstones click for more

  • John & Dawn Field

    A collection of asymmetrical jewellery in contrasting metals & rich coloured gemstones click for more

  • Grace Girvan

    Pebbles & driftwood are combined with silver and enamel to create beautiful, distinctive jewellery click for more

  • Ella Fearon-Low

    delicious contemporary treasures using recycled gold, silver & Lucite click for more

  • Caitlin Hegney

    handmade silver & reclaimed wood jewellery in alluring shades of blue click for more

  • Miranda Sharpe

    Colourful jewellery inspired by microscopic images using vitreous enamel & semi-precious stones click for more

  • Kaz Robertson

    Colourful, playful jewellery handmade from resin with striking spots & stripe designs click for more

  • Jessica Briggs

    An elegant collection of textured silver fused with 18 & 23.5ct gold click for more

  • Emily Kidson

    Colourful laminate & walnut jewellery with a minimalist aesthetic click for more

  • Lindsey Mann

    Each design is handmade from screen printed anodised aluminium & oxidised silver to produce pieces which are layered, framed or contained click for more

  • Debbie Long

    A range of uniquely folded & forged jewellery based on spirals & curves made from silver, brass and copper click for more

  • Kathie Murphy

    Colourful jewellery handmade from polyester resin click for more

  • Naomi James

    A beautiful range of handmade jewellery made from silver, 18ct gold, pearls & semi precious stones click for more

  • Kathie Murphy

    Colourful jewellery handmade from polyester resin click for more

  • Wanshu Li

    UV reactive jewellery inspired by the brilliant colours and sensuous movements of sea creatures click for more

  • Becky Crow

    Illustrative jewellery hand-pierced in silver with gold leaf details. Each pieces tells a story click for more

  • Mariko Sumioka

    Sculptural jewellery with a unique abstract aesthetic, combining precious metals with bamboo, enamel, patina & antique kimono click for more

  • Amanda Denison

    Jewellery inspired by our urban environment, handmade using industrial materials click for more


love brooches

Choose from our beautiful range of brooches. lovedazzle has a unique selection of contemporary brooches made from a variety of materials ranging from gold and silver brooches, resin and acrylic brooches to brooches made from paper and steel. All handmade with both men and women in mind.


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