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Necklaces, earrings and brooches in lovely rich enamels, silver and gold.

Miranda Sharpe

Miranda’s jewellery collections draw inspiration from microscopic images of disease and bacteria. A somewhat unappealing subject choice came from an interest in our senses and how we respond emotionally to a subject matter and our perceptions of beauty. The discovery that these images can be immensely beautiful and like abstract works of art proved to be very inspiring. Pattern, shapes and form become the starting point for design ideas combined with and a love of colour and use of enamels or stones. 

Colour is an integral part of Miranda’a work, whether it be use of vitreous enamels or semi-precious and precious stones. Subtle or bold layers of enamel colour are the finish to pieces. Many pieces in the collections are repeatable items but small details in the making and enamelling make each one unique.

Jewellery designer Miranda Sharpe

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