• Jessica Briggs

    An elegant collection of textured silver fused with 18 & 23.5ct gold click for more

  • Latham & Neve

    Wearable jewellery in silver & gold with beautiful textures that sparkle & bounce when worn click for more

  • Gerlinde Huth

    A striking range of silver jewellery with a variety of textures & finishes click for more

  • Francesca Marcenaro

    organic, tactile pieces using innovative technique of glass granulation click for more

Precious Bangles

love precious bangles

Contemporary bangles, classical bangles, quirky bangles, lovedazzle has lots of wonderful bangles to choose from.  Made by some of the best contemporary jewellery designers and in a variety of materials from gold, silver, glass, enamel and semi-precious and precious stones.



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