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rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Kinetic, voluminous and tactile silver jewellery.

Jo Lavelle

Jo makes jewellery by using repeated forms rather like natures way of layering leaves or petals wishing to create jewellery of a unique nature that is delicate in style.

Movement is a defining aspect of Jo Lavelle jewellery. This is achieved by designing her pieces using her trademark tags or loopy tags and constructing jewellery in a variety of ways to form a kinetic, voluminous and textured effect that moves with the wearer.

The overall effect is to produce jewellery that is always wearable, collectable and timeless.

All jewellery is made from her jewellery studio in South Manchester using traditional jewellery making techniques and casting. Silver is the primary material used with semi precious beads added to inject colour into her ranges in particular to one off pieces where recently Jo has learned to cut stones.

Designer's Portrait