Fibonacci Brooch

Fibonacci Brooch by Will Evans

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Main Material : 18ct white gold | Other Materials : 24ct gold | Pin Type : Custom | Dimensions (mm) : aprox 60mm | One of a Kind : Yes | Metal : 18ct gold (yellow), 18ct white gold and 24ct gold | Hallmarked : Yes


This piece is based on a famous series of numbers discovered by the renaissance mathematician Leonardo of Pisa (or Fibonacci). The series can be plotted to create a beautifully proportioned spiral. The proportions of brooch precisely follow this spiral. The Fibonacci series can also be closely linked to the golden section, another visually very pleasing scheme of proportion that was popular with renaissance artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci.

Clean Gently using a soft tooth brush and washing up liquid or piece may be returned to Will Evans for ultrasonic cleaning. This service is free, please contact lovedazzle.

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