Turquoise brooch

Emily Kidson Turquoise brooch by Emily Kidson

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Main Material : laminate | Other Materials : silver and wood | Pin Type : pin | Dimensions (mm) : 75 x 50 x 15 | One of a Kind : Yes | Hallmarked : No


A colourful brooch in turquoise, yellow and grey Formica, walnut and oxidised silver.  Handmade oxidised silver dot pins add detail to the front and back. The brooch fitting is handmade in oxidised silver with a steel pin. 

When jewellery is not being worn it is best to keep it in it’s box. 

The wood used in my jewellery is walnut and it is finished with a protective layer of wax. If your wooden jewellery gets wet, allow it to dry and reseal it with a thin layer of bees wax or furniture wax applied with a soft cloth.

Laminate is a hard wearing material often used for table tops and similar. I use sheet laminate which I connect with a rivet or laminate to wood. Care needs to be taken to avoid chipping and scratching. It can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Oxidised silver has been treated with a chemical solution to give a dark grey/black finish. This does wear away over time particularly in exposed areas which adds to the character of the piece. 

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