Buoy Cufflinks

Heather McDermott Buoy Cufflinks by Heather McDermott

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Main Material : stainless steel | Other Materials : silver | Fitting Type : chain | Dimensions (mm) : 20 x 20 x 25 | One of a Kind : Yes | Hallmarked : Yes


Attached to a chunky silver bar by a chain, each stainless steel disc is hand distressed and finished to create these unique cufflinks. The colour is an industrial paint which is fused to the metal ensuring a long-lasting finish. Each surface is hand matted and distressed ensuring each pieces is unique.

Stainless steel is a non-tarnish material ensuring low maintenance.  Soap and water can be applied to the coloured surface with a soft brush to remove any marks. The colour is applied industrially so is equally as durable. 

Any silver components can be cleaned using a silver cloth, please make sure the cloth is rubbed over the coloured stainless shapes as this can dirty the colour.

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