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gold & silver necklaces, earrings & rings with an elegant floral design 

Dagmar Korecki

Originally from Germany, Dagmar came to the UK to develop her early passion for creating jewellery. After graduating in Designed Jewellery and Metalwork, she followed through with an intensive post-graduate course in technical and business studies. This training gave her the basis that she needed to succeed in the jewellery world. Since then, she has exhibited at a number of prestigious venues including the Victoria and Albert Museum and Goldsmith’s Hall.

Dagmar’s love of florals and simplistic design results in elegant and timeless jewellery. Her delicate collections incorporate intricate hand piercing, and are formed by fusing a multitude of miniature petals, which translate the abundance, fullness and beauty found in organic structures. By combining alloys of gold and silver, precious stones and pearls with matt finishes and burnished edges, Dagmar creates a subtle & beautiful visual contrast.

Jewellery designer Dagmar Korecki

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