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Earrings, bracelets & necklace with handmade hammered chain work, textured surfaces, forming asymmetrical contemporary pieces

Catherine Tutt

Currently based in her workshop in Salisbury Catherine makes one off commission pieces and also her own range, mostly of silver, gold and diamonds. She incorporates surface textures and elements of movement. Handmade hammered chain work, textured surfaces, uneven flattened shapes form asymmetrical necklaces and bracelets. She uses oxidisation on some silver items to create more contrast. Organic pieces have evolved from study of nature such as leaves and sycamore and is developed by layering and building to create fun, wearable jewellery.

Catherine Tutt is showing an exclusive range of jewellery as one of our guest designers over the festive season. All pieces are available to purchse until 14th January 2024. 

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Jewellery designer Catherine Tutt

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