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A colourful series of veiled jewellery

Dazzle Invites | Yoko Izawa

“For my means of expression, I feel more comfortable when the work has a quality of ambiguity or transience. I’m interested in containing, covering, or wrapping things. The search has been for something elusive”.

Yoko Izawa, based in Japan, has created a series of veiled jewellery pieces. As objects become obscured by being covered, our perception such as social preoccupation or monetary value for the object also becomes uncertain. On the other hand, essential elements that the object naturally possesses; form, texture, colour, weight, and tension become aspects to appreciate. In Yoko’s work, those fundamental elements of both inside and outside materials visually mix in one’s eyes and create a harmonious form. The structure allows her jewellery to have an ambiguous quality in which one can perceive opposing features simultaneously: inside and outside, rigid and flexible, as well as hidden and visible.

Yoko Izawa is showing an exclusive range of jewellery as part of the second edition of our virtual Dazzle exhibition – Dazzle Invites.

Dazzle invites 30 contemporary jewellers, showing unique, one-off or limited edition designs, created specially for the exhibition. All pieces are available to purchase from 16 November 2021 – 9 January 2022.

Designer Dazzle Invites | Yoko Izawa

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