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earrings, cufflinks, necklaces and brooches. Beautiful jewellery inspired by the garden and handmade from silver, 18ct gold and semi precious stones.

Diana Greenwood

Diana’s most recent work concentrates on jewellery, predominantly in silver, though sometimes with gold and semi-precious stones. Her fascination with the garden and the process of gardening feeding her passion for working in metal.

Drawn from her Danish heritage and inspired by the beauty of Scandinavian simplicity, Diana’s jewellery combines the clean lines of Danish design with a touch of British charm and humour; a celebration of all things flowery and leafy. Her work is a labour of love; intricately hand-pierced flowers and leaves in sterling silver combined with highlights in 18ct gold, designed and hand-made by Diana at her studio in Surrey.

Jewellery designer Diana Greenwood

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