Frost CZ Seven Bubble Earings

Charlotte Verity Frost CZ Seven Bubble Earings by Charlotte Verity

Not currently available NB: These earrings are non-returnable.


Main Material : sterling silver | Other Materials : cubic zirconia, glass and precious metal lustres | Length (mm) : 108 | Fitting Type : Post or Stud | Dimensions (mm) : 108 x 29 x 29 | One of a Kind : No | Metal : sterling silver | Hallmarked : Yes | Wire Material : sterling silver


Long chain drop earrings, made with varying sizes of hoops and different diameters of wire. The earrings have seven robust, blown glass Bubbles spaced down the lendth of the chain drop. Eash Bubble has been treated differently to give a different effect.

From the top, the first bubble has been Frosted the coated in metallic Blackglass lustre, the second is blown from opaque white glass, the third has been frosted and then painted with Platinum Precious Metal Lustre, the middle Bubble is transparent and coated with Mother of Pearl Lustre, the fifth is frosted and translucent, the sixth is coated in shiny Platinum Precious Metal Lustre, and the last bubble at the bottom is blown with transparent glass, and filled with round faceted cubic zirconis to add a touch of sparkle.


Lustres contain precious metals and are permanently adhered to the glass surface through high temperature firings; when the jewellery is looked after correctly it should not come off. Please store each jewellery item separately from other items to avoid sharp surfaces which may scratch the lustre or silver. Store away from chemicals and out of sunlight. Ensure that perfume, hairspray and other chemicals are applied to the body, face and hair BEFORE jewellery is put on to help avoid the jewellery becoming dull and colours looking faded.

‘Oxidation’ is a process whereby the silver is treated to produce a dark patina on the surface. It is semi-permanent and may gradually wear off. Earrings, brooches and items that remain static and do not often come into contact with skin can retain their patina as long as they are cared for, whereas oxidation on rings and bracelets, for example, is prone to fading.

The glass and the silver parts of the jewellery can be cleaned with jewellery cloths to remove tarnish, or the pieces can be dipped in cleaning solution, rinsed and dried. However, oxidised silver should NOT be rubbed with cloths, or dipped in chemical cleaner. Please store jewellery in airtight bags or boxes to prevent tarnishing.



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