Finial Slender Drop Earrings

Ella Fearon-Low Finial Slender Drop Earrings by Ella Fearon-Low

Despatched within 2-5 working days NB: These earrings are non-returnable.
  • x £140.00


Main Material : 22ct gold plated brass | Other Materials : gold plated silver, silver and vintage pearls | Fitting Type : Post or Stud | Dimensions (mm) : 60x10 | One of a Kind : No | Hallmarked : No | Wire Material : gold plated silver


These earrings are part of the Modern Rococo Collection  

Modern Rococo is a ramshackle crew of slightly quirky shapes which pay homage to historical forms.  This collection takes inspiration from wide range of visual sources from medieval architectural detailing to chess pieces.

Split into 'Finial' shapes and 'Queen' shapes this collection is all about earrings and brooches with just a hint of necklace. Every piece is hand pierced by me with a jewellers’ saw giving each a unique shape and slight quirk of its own. Tiny hand beaten ends catch the light and twinkle under each pearl, finishing each piece perfectly.

Cleaning and Care Instructions:   

To enjoy your jewellery at its best you should store it away from direct light.  I recommend applying make-up, creams and perfumes before wearing your jewellery as these can damage surface finishes, especially gold plate.  Please do not wear overnight, in the shower, or for sports including swimming.

Gold Plate:   A good layer of very high carat gold is applied to the jewellery. As with all plating it can fade and rub away over the years but if care is taken it should last a long time. If gold plate becomes dull it can be brightened by gently cleaning in a very mild soapy mix with 1-2 drops of gentle washing up liquid diluted in warm water. Please take care not immerse any other elements such as vintage pearls at the same time. Dry with kitchen towel or a clean dry soft cloth.

Lucite and Vintage Pearls:   A lot of non-traditional and delicate materials are used in my work. Rub gently with a soft dry cloth free from chemicals to clean and brighten your jewellery – for example a glass cloth.  


hide cleaning instructions.

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