Small Cloud Arch Earrings - Red

Ella Fearon-Low Small Cloud Arch Earrings - Red by Ella Fearon-Low

Despatched within 2-5 working days NB: These earrings are non-returnable.
  • x £95.00


Main Material : oxidised silver | Other Materials : lucite, silver and vintage pearls | Fitting Type : Hook | Dimensions (mm) : 28x20 | One of a Kind : No | Metal : sterling silver | Hallmarked : No | Wire Material : oxidised silver


These earrings are part of the Cumulus Revolution Collection.

This irreverent and playful collection is inspired by clouds and rain drops in all their glorious forms. The collection was originally made from a palette of oxidised silver, Lucite and vintage pearls. The idiosyncratic graphic shapes and sophisticated colours in this collection contrast beautifully and are offset by lustrous vintage pearls that pop out of every piece. 

Note on materials:

Lucite is one name for the plastic I use in my work. It is lovely to see this sheet material come to life when it is hand worked on a small scale. 

Cleaning and Care Instructions:   

To enjoy your jewellery at its best you should store it away from direct light.  I recommend applying make-up, creams and perfumes before wearing your jewellery as these can damage surface finishes.  Please do not wear overnight, in the shower, or for sports including swimming.

Oxidised Silver:   Oxidising is a patina caused by a chemical reaction on the surface of the silver. All oxidised pieces are given several layers of a preservation wax. With wearing and handling the oxidised areas will develop a paler patina over time, showing your appreciation of the piece. Please do not clean pieces with any silver cleaning products as these will remove the oxidised surface. 

Lucite and Vintage Pearls:   A lot of non-traditional and delicate materials are used in my work. Rub gently with a soft dry cloth free from chemicals to clean and brighten your jewellery – for example a glass cloth.  

hide cleaning instructions.

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