'Plume' Earrings

'Plume' Earrings by John Moore

Not currently available NB: These earrings are non-returnable.


Main Material : anodised aluminium | Other Materials : silver and stainless steel | Length (mm) : 65 | Fitting Type : Hook | Dimensions (mm) : 65x35 | One of a Kind : No | Hallmarked : No | Wire Material : stainless steel


Bold feather earrings, handmade in Brighton by John Moore.

Inspired by the engineered beauty of a bird's feather, these large, statement earrings from Moore's 'Flight' collection are handmade from hand-dyed, anodised aluminium with stainless steel hooks. The hooks are built into the design and fasten at the back to keep them secure. The aluminium is textured with a delicate lined pattern that beautifully catches the light. Despite their size they are extremely lightweight, comfortable to wear and with a casual outfit or evening wear they are sure to grab people's attention.

Please note that due to the vagaries of the dyeing process, patterns will vary and shades may differ slightly from those shown in the photographs.

The process of anodising aluminium is unique in creating a transparent oxide that not only absorbs pigment but is hard and scratch resistant making it very durable. It is also strong and lightweight making it the perfect material for earrings because it doesn't pull on the lobes. Unlike paint applied on top of a material, with dyed, anodised aluminium the special dyes actually soak permanently into the surface of the metal, rather like a tattoo on skin.

These earrings are pretty tough and with a little care they will last a life time.  If they should get dirty then clean using warm soapy water and a tooth brush.  Remove any stickiness with nail varnish remover on a paper towel.  If the silver stitches become tarnished then simply rub with a silver cloth.

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