Line Drawing Grass Long Drop Earring

Sue Gregor Line Drawing Grass Long Drop Earring by Sue Gregor

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Main Material : Recycled Perspex | Other Materials : Silver | Length (mm) : 65 | Fitting Type : Hook | Dimensions (mm) : 60x12x5 | One of a Kind : No | Hallmarked : No | Wire Material : Sterling Silver


Inspired by picnics in meadows, line drawings and tattoos! I wanted to reference body art as when it is worn it is ambiguous whether the design is on the body or in the earrings. I captured every detail of the grass. I was also thinking of summer picnics of making jewellery out of grass or flowers like daisy chains to wear round your wrist. I have also have taken some inspiration from tattoos. I used the tradition blue in colour. So it's ambiguous if it is a tattoo on the skin or on the earrings.

My unusual plant jewellery is created by collecting, drying and pressing the individual leaves. The acrylic is heated and the leaves are pressed into its surface. I then use them as a stencil to apply the colours. The leaves are peeled off to reveal the unique, colourful design. This is a method of dying and embossing plastic jewellery I developed myself. I call it 'Fossilised Plastic' due to the fine detail that's possible to capture on the embossed surface - so they are similar to fossils.