Rhombus Form Necklace

Rhombus Form Necklace by Georgia Wiseman

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Main Material : 18ct white gold and spinel | Other Materials : diamonds | One of a Kind : Yes | Metal : 18ct white gold | Gems : 6 x 0.06ct brilliant diamonds | Hallmarked : No | Length (inches) : 18.5 | Finish : polished


This is a fine example of the beautiful and lightweight forms I create by hand using fine wire in my workshop in Glasgow.  This form has a diamond set on each face highlighting the beauty of the angles present in the piece. The form is complemented with the rich red of the faceted Spinel stones that sit elegantly on the neckline.  Some of the world’s most illustrious “rubies” are actually spinels. One of these is the famous Black Prince’s Ruby, a polished but unfaceted red spinel that weighs about 170 cts.

When not being worn, keep the necklace in acid free tissue paper. Should the necklace need cleaning, dip it in warm water with a drop of liquid soap and gently clean with a soft toothbrush; rinse and allow to air dry. A gold polishing cloth is also a convenient and safe way of maintaining the highly polished finish.

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