Bright blue pendant

Jenny Llewellyn Bright blue pendant by Jenny Llewellyn

Despatched within 2-5 working days

  • x £35.00


Main Material : silicone and silver | One of a Kind : No | Metal : sterling silver | Hallmarked : No | Finish : oxidised silver


Add a pop of colour with this vibrant pendant. Mix and match the colour and length. This pendant is available in 3 different lengths: 16, 18 or 20" and also comes in other bright colours.

Silicone pendant size is 20 x 20mm 

Designed and handmade by Jenny Llewellyn.

(Colours may vary slightly from the picture- best colour description is bright cobalt blue).

Taking care of your silicone jewellery

• All silicone pieces glow in the dark 

• To see pieces glow, place under a bright or UV light  

   then take to a dark room and see them glow!

• The silicone is very flexible but should be  handled gently, please 

   take care not to pull silicone parts away from the silver

• Do not spray any cosmetic products directly on to the jewellery


• For silicone parts: wet your hands and gently rub the silicone between fingers, (a little washing up liquid can also be used). Dry with a hair dryer. Once completely dry dab a little unperfumed talcum powder over the surface and rub off excess.

• For Silver parts: Matt Finsh - use a green scourer and rub over silver parts to remove any stains/marks on the surface. Or brush a little toothpaste or pumice powder over silver parts and rinse off. For shiney finish, a silver cloth can be used 

• For gold plated pieces: Dust with a soft cloth or wash in warm soapy water, rinse and pat dry. Be extra careful with Gold Plated Jewellery not to scuff, keep separate from other jewellery which may scratch it. Keep protected in a jewellery box.

Do not use any other silver cleaning chemicals as they can damage the silicone.

An after care service is available if any of the silicone parts get damaged or you are unsure about cleaning.

hide cleaning instructions.

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