Long Round Vane Necklace

Long Round Vane Necklace by John Moore

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Main Material : aluminium | Other Materials : brass and silicone | One of a Kind : No | Hallmarked : No | Length (inches) : 51


This necklace is easy to wear as it requires no fastening and can be dressed up or down.  It's unique construction makes it extremely tactile with it's snake-like movement.  Enjoy it's solidity, it's transparency, it's fluidity, it's colour, and the way it appears to glow under light.  Add twists and loops to create different shapes around the neck and even on the wrist.

Treat with care as it has a snake chain at it's core which does not stretch. 

Available in one standard size.


Dust and dirt can be removed from between discs using a long bristled, dry paint brush, taking care not to scratch the aluminium with the metal part of the brush.  Try to avoid getting the necklace wet but if necessary wash with hot soapy water and dry thoroughly with a towel and then a hair drier.  Make sure no moisture remains beneath the silicone tubes and inside the chain.


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