Snake Necklace

Snake Necklace by John Moore

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Main Material : sterling silver | One of a Kind : No | Metal : sterling silver | Hallmarked : Yes | Length (inches) : 17 | Finish : satin


Inspired by Amazonian artefacts and natural forms, John Moore's Elytra collection is made from a single shape based on beetle wings - known to entomologists as 'elytra'.  Cut individually from sheets of dyed, anodised aluminium or silver, the shapes are rhythmically repeated and assembled to create a variety of sculptural forms. 

The classic Snake Necklace, is so titled for it's sensual, silky quality, as it settles around the neck or in the hand.

Designed and handmade by jewellery designer John Moore.

With regular wear the recesses will gradually become darker as the silver tarnishes in the atmosphere, this will give the effect of gun-metal.  Using a toothbrush and soapy water, it can be cleaned without affecting the colouration.  The outermost parts can be brightened up by running the necklace through a silver cloth.

If you prefer to have a bright silver colour all over then submerge the whole piece in silver dip for a couple of minutes before rinsing thoroughly in cold water, then dry with a towel and finally with a hair drier.


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