Aquamarine Fern Pod pendant

Sue Gregor Aquamarine Fern Pod pendant by Sue Gregor

Not currently available


Main Material : acrylic | Other Materials : resin, silver chain and silver leaf | One of a Kind : Yes | Hallmarked : No | Length (inches) : 24


This is a double sided Pendant onside has silver leaf and the other side is hollow and reflects the light like a big gem stone.

Inspired by the Spring and new beginnings I have been working on some new designs.  They are based on pods and eggs. For me they are full of potential and magic. The birth of a new life.   I wanted to create a feeling of celebration and whilst surrounded by chocolate eggs at Easter I became inspired by the foil.  So, I have taken the leaf designs and applied silver leaf to one side and left the other side hollow.  The effect of this is that the light shines through the clear side, it looks like a big gemstone.  The out side of each piece is hand polished and is extremely smooth and tactile.