Paillette Interchangeable Bracelet/Necklace

Cara Tonkin Paillette Interchangeable Bracelet/Necklace by Cara Tonkin

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  • x £360.00


Main Material : sterling silver | One of a Kind : No | Hallmarked : Yes | Length (inches) : 16


The Paillette Double Row Interchangeable Bracelet/Necklace is a striking versatile piece. The discs are articulated giving the piece a lovely fluid movement. 

This piece can be worn as either a bracelet or a necklace by the addition of a detachable chain. The chain measures 28cm making the overall necklace length 43cm/17". The individual discs measure 11mm and the overall width is 2cm. It is made of sterling silver and is available in 3 lengths:

Sm - 16.5cm

M - 17.5cm

L - 18.5cm

Sterling silver is a precious metal and as a result of its composition your silver jewellery may tarnish gradually over time. Tarnishing is a natural process that is caused when sterling silver is exposed to humidity and chemicals such as hydrogen sulphide in the air. To minimise the speed of this process we advise you to do the following:

  • Remove jewellery when bathing, showering or swimming as water and chemicals (especially chlorine) can affect the longevity of the gold plating or encourage silver to tarnish.
  • Chemicals in make-up, hair spray, scent and moisturisers can also affect the beauty and shine of your jewellery, so apply these before wearing your jewellery.
  • Remove jewellery when doing household tasks such as cleaning, playing sport or other strenuous activities since jewellery may become scratched or harmed by sharp blows.
  • Do not wear your jewellery whilst on the beach or sunbathing since extreme temperatures and strong UV rays can cause gemstones to fade in colour and lose their original beauty, whilst sand can damage their surface.

At Cara Tonkin we use an oxidised finish on many of or silver pieces. If you piece is partially oxidised we advise cleaning the bright silver areas by rubbing with a silver polishing cloth. Jewellery that is comprised of just silver without an oxidised finish can also be dipped in silver dip. This is an effective and easy method of getting a bright finish back on your jewellery. Alternatively you can send your pieces to us to be professionally cleaned, please contact us at if you would like to use this service.

Clean jewellery using warm water, mild soap and a soft bristle toothbrush. Use a non-abrasive silver cloth or soft lint free cloth to polish jewellery. Soft porous stones such as pearls and opals must not be dipped in silver dip as it will penetrate the stone and could lead to discolouring. 


hide cleaning instructions.

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