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hand-printed anodised aluminium & silver jewellery, characterised by simplicity of shape, pattern & surface texture

Penny Warren

Penny uses freehand painting, mono-printing and more recently screen-printing techniques to apply surface colour to anodised aluminium, and then a variety of traditional jewellery techniques such as roll-milling, piercing, punching and riveting to combine it with silver. Penny loves to play with shape and colour, creating little abstract collages that can be worn, with plenty of surface texture and a soft matt finish. Often the print can dictate the direction of the designs, influencing the geometry of the shapes to show it off to its best advantage. Penny's work is constantly evolving in a process led way and becoming more three dimensional as this metal inspires her to explore its potential. Combined with sterling silver it is the perfect material to produce lightweight, flexible and vividly colourful jewellery.


Jewellery designer Penny Warren

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