Captured Aqua Ring

Captured Aqua Ring by Georgia Wiseman

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Main Material : 18ct white gold | Other Materials : aquamarine | One of a Kind : Yes | Metal : 18ct white gold | Gems : fancy cut oval aquamarine 18.64ct | Hallmarked : No


This stunning cocktail ring showcases my signiture style of capturing precious stones in structures to it's finest ability.  This white gold ring has a domed oval setting ( 20 x 25 x 15mm) that the fancy cut aquamarine is loosely craddled in.  There is then a layer of mesh which sits over the top of the stone holding it securely in place.  The finished mesh is welded in place using zero heat technology.  The mesh is made up of tiny rings that started of as one long piece of wire which I have then soldered and formed, the mesh has a chevon of yellow gold in the pattern to create a flash of warmth to the ring.

When not being worn, keep the ring in acid free tissue paper. Should the ring need cleaning, dip it in warm water with a drop of liquid soap and gently clean with a soft toothbrush; rinse and allow to air dry. A gold polishing cloth is also a convenient and safe way of maintaining the highly polished finish.


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