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bracelets, earrings, rings, cufflinks and necklaces in a geometric, bold, contemporary style. Using 18ct gold, silver, vitreous enamel and precious stones.


Stacey Bentley

Bold use of colour and repetitive geometric forms characterise my distinctive jewellery collection. I work in a variety of materials such as 18ct gold, silver, 24ct gold leaf, vitreous enamel and precious stones. Each handmade piece of jewellery demonstrates fresh ideas and explores new material processes and finishes such as stylish matte enamel, striking polished silver and subtle roll printed gold.

Minimalist architectural design and structure are primary sources of inspiration. Each pece of jewellery originates from a photograph, drawing, or memory of a place I’ve travelled to. It may be an angle from a temple in Japan, a colour from a beach house in Los Angeles, or the shape of a stained glass window in Egypt. I also often look to ancient African and Asian jewellery techniques to find alternative ways of constructing and connecting individual elements that make up of each piece of jewellery.

Through the use of geometric and repetitive pattern, I create jewellery that articulates and creates a rhythm over the curves and contours of the body. I create a range of work from wearable design-led collections to dramatic one-off elegant statement pieces. All of my jewellery is carefully designed and made from my Edinburgh studio where the aim is to achieve beautiful craftsmanship, refinement and wearability.

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