• Helen Noakes

    Surreal, quirky, fun jewellery created from miniature figures embedded in resin & silver and imprinted with witty punchlines click for more

  • Poppy Norton

    Graphic & bold statement pieces using non-precious materials click for more

  • Rachel Brown

    Enamel & graphite drawn jewellery, exploring mark making & repetitive patterns click for more

  • Stephanie Johnson

    Unique textures created in Fairtrade gold & eco silver click for more

  • Holly Clifford

    Botanical inspired bold & colourful jewellery using bio resin & silver click for more

  • Rhona McCallum

    Inspired by geology, ancient history & our changing landscapes, Rhona creates statement pieces of jewellery in recycled silver & gold click for more

  • Fiona Maguire

    Press formed silver shapes enamelled & fused with gold foil click for more

  • Emma Morris

    Bold, fun & structural jewellery inspired by the playground click for more

  • Karolina Baines

    Vibrant enamel pieces inspired by weaving & basketry click for more

  • DeeLyn Walsh

    Bold & tactile wearable structures using silver & brass click for more

  • Dominka Kupcova

    Complex, eye-catching structures with an element of optical illusion, carefully constructed using repeated layers of linear pattern in paper & silver click for more

  • Green Thomas

    Luxurious & lightweight printed silk & wool scarves click for more

  • Claire Allain

    Colourful layered enamel pieces embellished with 24ct gold foil accents click for more

  • Emma Calvert

    Woven textile jewellery in rich, vibrant colours click for more

  • Evgeniia Balashova

    Visually captivating, tactile jewellery made from 3D printed nylon click for more

  • Michelle Fernandez

    One of a kind jewellery handmade from cellulose acetate, resin & silver click for more

  • Misun Won

    Geometric designs handmade in silver with highlights of gold, using the ancient Korean technique of Keumboo click for more

  • Grace Girvan

    Pebbles & driftwood are combined with silver and enamel to create beautiful, distinctive jewellery click for more

  • Zsuzsi Morrison

    Bright enamels combined with gold & silver. Each piece a one-off mini work of art click for more

  • Lynne MacLachlan

    Bold, stylish and colourful 3D printed jewellery click for more

  • Mariko Sumioka

    Sculptural jewellery with a unique abstract aesthetic, combining precious metals with bamboo, enamel, patina & antique kimono. click for more

  • Ciara Bowles

    Intricate fine jewellery with colourful, clashing gemstones & recycled gold click for more

  • Lindsey Mann

    Each design is handmade from screen printed anodised aluminium & oxidised silver to produce pieces which are layered, framed or contained click for more

  • Lucy Martin

    Graphic forms with carefully balanced sequences of colour using vibrant gemstones click for more

  • Claire Underwood

    Silver jewellery embellished with bright enamel & colourful glass beads click for more

  • Jane Adam

    Pioneering use of materials and techniques, working mainly in precious metals & anodised aluminium click for more

  • Tina MacLeod

    Tactile pieces handmade from natural, found materials combined with textured silver click for more

  • Cristina Zani

    Unique wearable sculptures made from wood & precious metals click for more

  • Becky Crow

    Illustrative jewellery hand-pierced in silver with gold leaf details. Each pieces tells a story click for more

  • Emily Thatcher

    Emily sources unique natural gem stones & creates one-off pieces of jewellery click for more

  • Emma Ware

    Statement pieces made from repurposed bicycle inner tubes & recycled silver click for more

Dazzle Invites

17 NOVEMBER 2020 - 10 JANUARY 2021

30 independent designers showing unique, one-off or limited-edition pieces created specially for this virtual Dazzle exhibition

Dazzle Invites - our first virtual exhibiton has now ended. If you would like to keep updated about any future Dazzle and Lovedazzle news and events sign up to our mailing list below. 



As part of the virtual Dazzle exhibition - we called upon industry experts, stylists and collectors to select their favourite pieces from the exhibition. Find out their top picks here: Guest Selects >

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