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Dazzle Invites | Becky Crow

Becky graduated from the University of Brighton with a BA(hons) in 3D Craft in 1999, since then she has been making at the Rosehill Workshop a co-operative workspace in Brighton, however this year she has temporarily moved to working at home in the shed or dining room due to covid-19. Her unique illustrative jewellery is designed to be both worn and displayed. Her recognised style always starts out with a drawing. The great outdoors is a source of wonder and constant inspiration, and elements of narrative are transformed from pencil sketches into miniature silver scenes telling out across the surface of a brooch or hanging as a pendant.

Each piece is individually cut by hand from recycled sterling silver sheet then textured by embossing with paper cuts, stamping and hammering. The components are layered together and soldered then finished with matt, oxidised and polished surfaces to add depth and tone. Some pieces are then finished with gold leaf detailing.

The lockdown in 2020 prompted even more time spent out in the meadows and woods on the edge of the South Downs and led to the development of the hedgerow range.

Becky Crow is showing an exclusive range of jewellery as part of the virtual Dazzle exhibition – Dazzle Invites

Dazzle invites 30 contemporary jewellers, showing unique, one-off or limited edition designs, created specially for the exhibition. All pieces are available to purchase from 17 November – 10 January.

Designer's Portrait

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