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Figurative sculptures & jewellery inspired by folklore & fairy tales

Rachel Larkins

Rachel Larkins works from a studio in a village near the New Forest. Following an early training in Textile Art, she graduated with an MA in Sequential Design/ Illustration from the University of Brighton in 2013. She has exhibited regularly in the UK and abroad, creating and selling work to private and public collections for more than twenty years.

Rachel says of her work “I have always been drawn to objects behind glass, perhaps in recognition that someone from the past has preserved those things considered precious and ephemeral; mourning jewellery holding hair; bell jars holding birds, insects or dolls; dioramas and ships in bottles. The wearable pieces I make are influenced by the intimacy and hidden stories of small scale miniatures as well as by folklore and fairy tales.”

Rachel Larkins is showing an exclusive range of jewellery as one of our guest designers over the festive season. All pieces are available to purchse until 14th January 2024. 

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Jewellery designer Rachel Larkins

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