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necklaces, brooches, bracelets, cufflinks and earrings. In a range of beautiful handmade jewellery made from silver, 18ct gold, pearls and semi precious stones.

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Naomi has been making jewellery since she was 14 and has always designed as she works, allowing the making process to inspire the final piece. Many of her designs use leaves, plants and feathers to imprint natural textures on silver giving her work a 'found' quality - almost as if the pieces were produced by a natural process. She explores new ideas through playing with metal - first texturing with embossing and hammering, then folding and bending to create forms derived from nature particularly seeds and flowers.

Naomi likes to use the contrasting textures of different plants which she combines in one piece of jewellery and compliments with touches of 18 carat gold and coloured semi-precious stones.

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