Enchantment Cluster Necklace

Yen Enchantment Cluster Necklace by Yen

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Main Material : 18ct yellow gold | One of a Kind : No | Hallmarked : Yes | Length (inches) : 16


A graceful and delicate design complemented by a brilliant cut diamond and 18ct yellow gold kinetic parts. The movement creates an unparalleled shimmering quality. 

Material: 18ct yellow gold and 0.11ct 3mm diamond

Dimensions: Cluster: L: 10mm x W: 10mm x D: 5mm

Chain: Adjustable 41cm and 46cm (16 and 18 inches)


Sterling silver naturally tarnishes with the exposure to air and the environment as well as perfumes, lotions & perspiration.

Storing your jewellery properly is important. To avoid damage, keep your jewellery in separate boxes, and fasten all chains and catches before storing flat. Wrap individual pieces in acid free tissue or cloth.

Remove bracelets and rings when doing any manual labour, including housework; don’t use abrasive cleaners on jewellery.

Gemstones require special care. Avoid impact against hard surfaces. Handle gems and pearls as little as possible; the natural oils on your skin can dull the stone.

Try not to get threaded pearl or bead jewellery wet.

Regular cleaning will help to retain shine. There are cleaning products such as specially impregnated silver or gold polishing cloths to maintain your jewellery.

Jewellery set with gems can be brought to life by careful cleaning with a soft brush and soapy water, or with a proprietary jewellery cleaning solution.

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