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earrings, rings, bangles and necklaces in silver and colourful enamel, embellished with 24ct gold foil accents

Dazzle Invites | Claire Allain

Having recently returned to the UK after living in New Zealand for ten years, Claire has enjoyed experimenting with new materials. She has been exploring a variety of techniques and marrying metals together to create small batches and one-off pieces of studio Jewellery. They are marked or imprinted in some form or another, drilled into surfaces, enamelling layers upon layers, and embellishing with firing 24ct gold foil as little accents. Claire loves to use mark making, texture and form to create simplistic repetitive patterns, influenced by her travels and from absorbing art from all around the world.

Claire Allain is showing an exclusive range of jewellery as part of the virtual Dazzle exhibition – Dazzle Invites.

Dazzle Invites 30 contemporary jewellers, showing unique, one-off or limited edition designs, created specially for the exhibition. All pieces available to purchase from 17 November – 10 January.

Designer's Portrait

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