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Surreal, quirky, fun jewellery created from miniature figures embedded in resin & silver and imprinted with witty punchlines

Dazzle Invites | Helen Noakes

The focal point of New-Zealand born Helen Noakes quirky jewellery is her use of the miniature scale models, commonly used on model railways. Helen’s beautifully executed work is hand crafted from precious metals and resin. Intriguingly tucked into each infinitely wearable piece is an element of humour making a second look a must for this exciting collection. Now selling worldwide featuring in several books Helen incorporates everything from penguins to circus performers.

Helen Noakes is showing an exclusive range of jewellery as part of the second edition of our virtual Dazzle exhibition – Dazzle Invites.

Dazzle invites 30 contemporary jewellers, showing unique, one-off or limited edition designs, created specially for the exhibition. All pieces are available to purchase from 16 November 2021 – 9 January 2022

Designer Dazzle Invites | Helen Noakes

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